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UiMagic: AI-Powered Web Design Revolution

Unleash creativity with UiMagic's AI-driven web design technology. Submit your vision, choose your package and get the perfect design for Figma in minutes. Start transforming your web presence today!

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Location:Reykjavik, Iceland
Tech Used:
Nginx ; OpenResty, WordPress, PHP,
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  • AI-Driven User Interface Technology: UiMagic employs advanced AI to translate text prompts into stunning, precision-crafted web designs, ensuring a unique look for every project.
  • Tailored Web Designs: With over 2500+ web designs generated, UiMagic provides personalized designs tailored to your specific vision, complete with text and images.
  • Efficient Content Generation: Bid farewell to writer's block with AI-generated web copy, delivering high-quality content efficiently, and adding a professional touch to your site.
  • Custom AI-Generated Illustrations: Ditch the generic stock images and enhance your website with custom, AI-generated illustrations that align with your style and brand aesthetic.
  • Flexible Pricing Packages: Choose from Basic, Standard, or Pro packages to suit your design needs and budget, with the ability to export directly to Figma.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Experience risk-free web design services with UiMagic's 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence.

Use Cases:

  • Startup Launches: Startups can quickly establish an online presence with AI-crafted designs that are both scalable and investor-friendly.
  • Website Redesign: Businesses looking to refresh their look can utilize UiMagic to modernize their websites without extensive design knowledge.
  • Landing Page Creation: Create impactful landing pages in a flash, perfect for marketing campaigns, product launches, or event promotions.
  • Personal Portfolio Development: Freelancers and creatives can generate personalized portfolios showcasing their work with a distinct visual identity.

UiMagic stands at the forefront of web design innovation, offering an AI-driven solution that is efficient, customizable, and intuitive for businesses and individuals alike.

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3. Magician

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4. Magic Patterns

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5. Uizard

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6. Designs AI

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8. SplashAI

SplashAI is a Figma plugin for idea searching and AI-driven image generation.

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9. Sitewithai

AI-powered website builder for fast, professional, customizable designs.

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